Collapse of the Sorby-Roths!

Since arriving in Xiamen we have had every virus within a 100 mile radius; sometimes more than one at a time, which doesn’t seem fair, but hey:  it’s not a democracy. Currently, Jonah and Frankie are well enough to be banished to a nearby basketball court, but Ivan is in one bed and Chris is in the other, and I am on my second set of clothes today (don’t ask) as I prepare to teach my first class.  That said, we’ve met some terrific people and can’t wait to explore Xiamen (temple, beach, expat bar) when we are on two, or two-ish, feet again.

Health update, a week later:  we are improving, though we (Angela, Chris, Ivan) still have “China Lung.”  The younger kids seem more robust.

[posted by Angela]


About The neurodiversifier

I am an ADHD poet/professor from a neurodiverse family.
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3 Responses to Collapse of the Sorby-Roths!

  1. Catherine Hubbard says:

    What’s the status with the water? Can you drink the water? I remember watching a travel show set in China where the host drank the water, got violently ill, and was then happy as a lark for the remainder of his visit. “If you have the time,” he advised, “get really sick right away, and then relax and enjoy your stay!”

  2. Mr. Luft says:

    Sorry to here about the illnesses – Hopefully, this has passed since the post.

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