Kunming Retrospective

Ivan buying seaweed at a food stand on our first day in Kunming

Francesca being a pool shark at the Hump Hostel

We arrived in Kunming to find an unknown person holding a sign:  WELCOME ANGELA SORBY.  This seemed magical, since we had made no arrangements, though we later found out that the Fulbright czar, Nathan, had arranged our minibus transportation to the Hump hostel.  The Hump has turned Jonah and Frankie into pool sharks.  They spend all their time hanging out with French backpackers at the billiard table.  They are getting good–possibly too good.  Returning to homeschooling will be a shock to their degenerate systems.  All three kids have been adventurous eaters thus far; indeed, while they enjoyed “Across the Bridge” noodles at a Muslim restaurant, I consoled myself with overpriced Pringles. On Sunday, the Fulbright orientation begins and we will move to ritzier digs at the US government’s expense, but we’ll miss the Hump.  [posted by Angela]

Life in The Hump

They call Kunming the city of eternal spring, and they’re not kidding.  It’s beautiful!  As Angela probably said, we’re staying at The Hump Youth Hostel, where I am now sitting on the deck, watching people play ping-pong.  I’ve been out in the streets a few times now, mostly  on my own, and the networks of alleyways are pretty disorienting.  There are also about a million little stalls and shops, and I am terrible at haggling.  Nonetheless, I picked up a couple of rock-paper-scissors dice (???).  Anyway, everything is great, I taught my dad to play Go (although I’m a bit sketchy myself). 

Oh, and for the record, across the bridge noodles are DELICIOUS.  Just saying.
[posted by Ivan]

About The neurodiversifier

I am an ADHD poet/professor from a neurodiverse family.
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