Food-Focused Post (Ivan is Hungry)

Today I went with my dad and brother down to Carrefore, the French-owned department-store-supermarket.  It’s kind of far, but its excellent imports aisle keeps us coming back.  Mysteriously, the Nutella we bought last time had disappeared from the shelves.  But we did pick up some pasta, and a hot plate to cook it with.  On the way back, I got a Rubik’s Snake (Brand X).  This, along with hundreds of boards games on my computer, will help me while away the hours.

Unfortunately, the delicious canteen by our apartment is no longer an option, as food there has to be paid for with our maxed-out faculty card. :/  Hopefully the hot plate will bring something to our diet besides instant noodles. Bleagh.

[posted by Ivan]


About The neurodiversifier

I am an ADHD poet/professor from a neurodiverse family.
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