Rote learning at its best!

Lobby of Jonah and Frankie's school

The front of Jonah and Frankie’s school

Jonah and Frankie have started half days at an actual Chinese elementary school.  They are both in first grade, which would be weird in America . . . but their experience is already so weird that I think they’re okay with stuffing themselves into little chairs.  When we left (abandoned?) them there, they were shouting out pinyin/Mandarin letters from giant drill cards.  They can’t possibly know anything that is going on, but they’ll probably pick up some Chinese. Bravo to our brave kids, I say.  I’m not sure I could make it through a half day of Chinese school–even if they put me into the first grade.

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3 Responses to Rote learning at its best!

  1. Catherine Hubbard says:

    Anya has been blowing my mind lately with her Chinese. I even got a personal email from her teacher at Cricket saying she’s never had a student like her. (She is apparently teaching her classmates at Clement how to count out loud in Mandarin.) So, I’m going to send her to you, if you don’t mind, so she can sit in those little chairs and shout along to the giant drill cards. Or better yet, I’ll come too, but I don’t expect to keep up with the kids.

    • sorbyroths says:

      Even with giant drill cards (actually tiny ones, lent by a friend) I can’t say anything in Chinese. I think I can, but when I try people look kindly but blankly at me.

  2. Caroline says:

    The most useful thing I got out of Thai lessons, in terms of making myself understood, was learning to think of tones as a musical scale, and repeating that scale over and over and 0ver so that I could always remember how to ‘sing’ the appropriate tone with a new word. This link might help if you are working on Mandarin.

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