Frankie post #2

Here is the food stand near Francesca and Jonah's school where they get shishkabobs and noodles almost every day.

Hello.  In China, I am going to a Chinese school that talks SOME English.  It is kind of hard, but not that hard.  The teachers are very strict.  Very strict!  Do you know there is food right next to the school?  They sell nans, and shishkabobs.  Nans are a Chinese food. They are out on the sidewalk making them.  People can see them making it.  It’s kind of like seeing people making crepes.  But crepes are not from China.  And there is also shishkabobs.  They make them with a stick.  You can pick a tofu one or a hot dog one or a seaweed one or a shrimp one.  I’ll see you guys later when I come back.  We will be in third grade.


About The neurodiversifier

I am an ADHD poet/professor from a neurodiverse family.
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5 Responses to Frankie post #2

  1. Bravo to all of you!!! It sounds like you are settling in and making the most of your experience. I is great to hear all that you are doing, new foods, new activities and fun adventures. Keep writing!!! Can you send pictures?? We are in the middle of parent/teacher conferences (noon-8pm) today. I was thinking of Jonah and Frankie as I was reading through all the students progress reports. We received more snow this week but the grass is trying to get through. I am hoping that the groundhog was right about seeing his/her shadow and spring should be here sooner than later. Tell us more, I enjoy hearing from the whole family.

  2. Bettina says:

    Good luck in school Frankie. What are you doing for fun?

  3. 傑伊和朱麗---Jay and Julie says:

    谢谢所有更新。 我們喜爱讀他們。 傑伊和朱麗

    Thank you for all the updates. We love reading them. Jay and Julie

  4. janet sorby says:

    Jellybelly liked the food! He was wondering if they have jellybeans in China.

  5. Caroline says:

    It’s nice you have good street food carts nearby. Sometimes this is the best kind of food, simple, quick, fresh. Sounds like you’ll be having some nice after-school snacks.

    What are the other kids like in school? Are they excited to meet visitors from so far away?

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