Gas Leak, Chess Set, and the Dreaded ID Check

Manila Xiamen International School

Manila Xiamen International School

Manila Xiamen International School

Angela’s note to the cleaners about the gas leak (with the help of Google Translator), plus their reply

To say that yesterday was a break from the tedium is an understatement of epic proportions.  First off, we visited the mysterious Manila International School.  Upon walking in the gate, we thought we had found an abandoned amusement park;  In point of fact, it was just the school mini-golf course.  Set up by Filipinos and entirely English-speaking, the Manila had to be rebuilt when a tidal wave swept away most of the buildings (luckily, there was no school that day).  It seemed okay.  Next stop: The ritzy Xiamen International School, with one laptop per student, leather-upholstered couches in the hallways, and a strange resemblance to every expensive private school in the US.  Unfortunately, it’s about an hour away, direct trip.  Not optimal.

Upon returning to the campus, my dad and I received a shock.  The main gate was thronged with people, with dozens more stepping off of tour buses every minute.  THe gate itself was guarded by several guards who were rigorously checking IDs.  Now, we live on campus, and we were never given IDs.  Luckily, we swayed the guards with the help of a bilingual bystander and a Wisconsin driver’s license.

But it doesn’t end there.  When we returned to the apartment, we were informed that there had been a gas leak, and Jonah and Frankie had therefore been taken to my Mom’s class.  :/  The cleaners seem to have fixed it, but we’re not entirely sure.

On the upside, I got a chess set, a go set, and a xianqi set, so I’ll be set with entertainment before I start at Manila.

[posted by Ivan]


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2 Responses to Gas Leak, Chess Set, and the Dreaded ID Check

  1. Esther Brummer says:

    Hey Ivan, Why is the Manila school mysterious? You have to explain the games you bought wen you learned to play them, did you get rules, are they for 1 person, are they selfexplanatory?

  2. Bettina says:

    Another day another adventure. Hey do you guys look at these comments or am I spittin in the wind?

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