Frankie answers questions from her classmates

Jonah and Francesca at the Red Armadillo (peeking in at the dog in the yard)

I hope your having a good time in China.  What school are you going
to??  Ari. I am going to a Chinese school.  It’s not that interesting.

I hope your having a great time.  Can you please come back?  Charlie. Well, I am going to come back in June, I think.

Have you read a book in Chinese yet?  Kalia. No.

How many Chinese words do you know? Niall. Zaijien.  Women pengyou.  Mei guanxi.  And some other stuff.

How is the food?  Kalia. The food here is great but the fish has bones inside.  I can’t really eat the fish with bones.  Besides that, the food here is awesome.

What kind of pets do they have in China?  Kalia. There are two kitties and one dog that we know.  The dog lives at a restaurant called Rendevouz.  I named him Diesel.  He is white. All white.  The two cats–well, one of them is named Yoda.  Yoda has brown and white spots.  He lives with a family.  I am good friends with the girl in that family.  And the other cat lives at a restaurant too.  She has a pink scarf around her neck.  She has blue eyes and is all white.  She bit me in a kind of soft way, and scratched me in a hard way.

Do you like the smell of the food?  Erin. Well, the food doesn’t smell like anything at all.

Do you have a pet?  Lindsay. No.

What is something fun that you and your family have done??  Ms. Simonis. One time we went to the beach and me and my brothers, Ivan and Jonah, dug big holes. Ivan’s hole was the biggest.  Near the beach is a restaurant called the Red Armadillo.  The people there speak English fluently.  It has very good cheeseburgers.  There is a girl from my school that actually was there.  Her family owns the restaurant.  She has three dogs.  One is all white.  And one dog is white and brown dots.  And the last dog is golden-yellow orange and I would say a tiny bit peach.


About The neurodiversifier

I am an ADHD poet/professor from a neurodiverse family.
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One Response to Frankie answers questions from her classmates

  1. Claudia Heller de Messer says:

    I’m not your classmate, but hope you will answer a couple of questions for me:
    1) How many hours a day are you at school? Are you being home-schooled too?
    2) At the Chinese school, do you have art, music, and phys. ed.?
    3) What is the best part of your Chinese school?
    4) What is the worst part of your Chinese school?
    5) What is the naughtiest thing you’ve seen a Chinese child do? Did (s)he get in trouble? How?
    6) Does your friend @Red Armadillo speak fluent English, too? Or are you practicing Chinese with her?
    I can’t wait to hear more stories about your adventures!
    Claudia (Isabella and Gabe’s mom)

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