Chinese food (by Jonah)

China has a lot of meat—but no, not just Chicken, Pork, and beef. They also have dog meat, cat meat, horse meat—and they leave the head on when people eat fish! For example I once saw this course you could order on the menu which had two huge fish heads and a little bit of noodles on the bottom. Chinese food is Okay, but sometimes, we get sick of Chinese food and go to one of the few American restaurants in the city of Xiamen, China.


About The neurodiversifier

I am an ADHD poet/professor from a neurodiverse family.
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One Response to Chinese food (by Jonah)

  1. janet sorby says:

    Jonah- It was fun to read your post. Has anyone tried any of the strange meats? When we were in Victoria one time, your brother ordered something really odd. He claimed it was good. You will have to ask him what it was because I have forgotten. It may have been intestines. Write more. Love Yaya

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