Happy Tomb-Sweeping Day!

Ivan has Monday and Tuesday off for Tomb-Sweeping Day; it’s a major holiday here. Chinese people are supposed to remember their ancestors and burn sacrifices to them. In addition to receiving the traditional offerings of (fake paper) money, the upwardly-mobile Dead are now demanding (fake paper) ipads and iphones, complete with (fake paper) USB cords. Plus the real estate bubble has reached beyond the grave:  it’s also possible to buy and burn small paper condominiums.


About The neurodiversifier

I am an ADHD poet/professor from a neurodiverse family.
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2 Responses to Happy Tomb-Sweeping Day!

  1. Mr. Luft says:

    Wow! What an interesting holiday, and it’s even more interesting to see it modernized.

  2. Paula and Dorothea says:

    Hey Guys – Love the updates. Dorothea is home sick from school today and I’ve got a cold too, so we’re laying in bed, catching up! Hope the continued warm weather is treating you well.
    Loved reading Angela’s musings on bohemia/lack thereof. And Dorothea enjoyed the graffiti pictures!

    Tomb-sweeping day – complete with burning paper ipads and condos? LOVE THAT.
    Makes much more sense to me than April Fool’s Day. Let’s start a tradition when you return.

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