It’s Bamboo Civet Time!

We are Angela (46), Chris (44), Ivan (13-going-on-14), Jonah (10), and Francesca (8). We’re spending a semester in China, where Angela is teaching American poetry and fiction at the university and Chris is supervising the home-schooling of three kids.  Our blog is named after the eponymous Kunming restaurant.


3 Responses to It’s Bamboo Civet Time!

  1. Michael Pointer Mace says:

    Hi Jonah and Francesca!
    I loved reading about the graffiti and the fish heads! Please keep writing and letting us know what China is like.
    ~Mr. Pointer Mace

  2. Michael Pointer Mace says:

    Oh, I had one more question for you. Would it be alright if I put a link to your blog from the Woodlands School website? That way it would be easy for your friends here at school to find your blog. Please ask your parents for permission.
    Zhēnchéng (did I write “sincerely” correctly?),
    ~Mr. Pointer Mace

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